TechFan #243 Featuring Yours Truly

With David still on vacation, Tim welcomes special co-host Mark Chappell to the show. Tim and Mark discuss the rise of the iPhone, how Mark got into the Apple universe, gaming on the Mac, taking photos, football, hockey, and of course Apple vs. the FBI Download and listen here RSS Feed for your podcast app Subscribe in iTunes Links: Mark on Twitter Rampant Mumblings Podcast FERRITE RECORDING STUDIO

WinnerGear Micflip Reversable USB

279 : WinnerGear Micflip Reversible USB cable Reviewed.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? In a hiatus that makes Dave Chappelle’s absence from the screen look like a mere weekend break, The  Mac Review cast is back for 2016. I just want to say a big thank you to Steve and Tim who were the previous occupants of the cast for handing over the reigns to myself. Just in case you’re wondering what the show is going to sound like you might want to check out my other podcast, The Rampant Mumblings. Theres going to be some regular features, new ideas, giveaways and other things we are working on right now but still working out. Right now the show is only available on iTunes but that’s only temporary. If you have…

MacReviewCast Episode 278: A New Beginning

In This Episode, We talk about a new beginning and some upcoming experimentation. Rapplistory is now available on the iTunes Store. Mark and Steve talk about the iPad in the British Parliment. Is the Blackberry Dead? Siri is just alright. Meg Whitman vs Tim Cook and a little Comcast thrown in for good measure. The Review of Dry Case and a rating of 6 apples on a 5 apple scale. WoW!

274 : Second Time’s A Charm

This week we look at a hard drive enclosure from Akitio, a new time tracking app for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad called Office Time, and begin a series of review on a new Mac Book, My New Mac, Lion Edition.
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Here are the links to the things we talk about in today’s podcast.

Akitio Super-S3:

Sonnet Allegro USB 3.0:

Office Time for iPhone and iPad:

Office Time for iPhone and iPad:

My New Mac, Lion Addition:

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