279 : WinnerGear Micflip Reversible USB cable Reviewed.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? In a hiatus that makes Dave Chappelle’s absence from the screen look like a mere weekend break, The  Mac Review cast is back for 2016.

I just want to say a big thank you to Steve and Tim who were the previous occupants of the cast for handing over the reigns to myself. Just in case you’re wondering what the show is going to sound like you might want to check out my other podcast, The Rampant Mumblings.

Theres going to be some regular features, new ideas, giveaways and other things we are working on right now but still working out.

Right now the show is only available on iTunes but that’s only temporary. If you have a platform you’d like the show to appear on just let us know.


Nemo’s Hardware store is back again (16m) and this time it’s  WinnerGear Mic Flip Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable coming in for scrutiny in only the way John can. Finally a decent USB cable where you dont have to look at what way to plug it in.

Also in Nemo’s Hardware Store.

  • Life hack. Just get rid of the stuff you dont use. Dont sell it just donate it or give it away.
  • The Honourable Woman (Netflix)
  • Magic City (Netflix)
  • Ray Donovan (ShowTime)
  • Top Of the Lake

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