282 : Netflix hacks, Interview With PuroSound and iPhone Tips.

In this episode. What it’s like when you’re Netflix account gets hacked, Addictive games on iOS and a special extended edition of Nemo’s Hardware Store where he interviews PuroSound, makers of kid friendly headphones.

Damn Addictive Games

If you thought Mr Jump was bad, Super Hexagon is even worse thanks to it’s incredibly funky 8 bit retro sounding audio. If you value your sanity, stay away from these 2 games

Netflix Account Access

This week I found myself wondering why my Netflix was coming up in Portuguese. For once I’ve an enjoyable experience in dealing with support as the Netflix support types couldnt have been any more helpful.

Nemo’s Hardware Store

Another extended edition of Nemo’s Hardware store and this episode John is talking to the people from purosound.com Talking about Kids wireless headphones with a decent protective case. They will fit an adult head so long as you don’t mind a little “squeezey”

Find out more via http://purosound.com/shop/bt2200 and of course you can also purchase from Amazon

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How To enable offline dictation on your iPhone

A very neat but simple tip here on how to turn on offline dictation, granted you wont be able to use any Siri features and you will need the latest new shiny iPhone from Apple but it works. via EssentialMac

Steve Jobs Biopic Available on iTunes.

Over on the Rotten Tomatoes website Steve Jobs (2015) scores 86% on the Tomatometer, 77% for user reviews and on Amazon is currently ranking 7.4 / 10

Available for purchase right now and will run you $14.99. Buying comes with iTunes extras including three feature ads, featuring reading cast and crew from the film talking about you guessed it the film.

The iTunes page for the movie says it’ll be available to rent on 16 February.

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